Jodie’s story


October 30, 2018

As the mother with two teenage daughters, Jodie had no family close by or friends to rely on when the environment she was living in became abusive and unsafe for her family to stay in.

With nowhere else to turn, Jodie connected with a Uniting crisis team in the lead-up to Christmas 2017.

The team were able to provide her family with immediate safe accommodation and food parcels.

Jodie and her daughters were referred to the Interim Support Program (ISP) while in their crisis accommodation.

Not only has the ISP program provided emotional support and a safety network for Jodie, the additional financial support have lifted a great deal of burden from the family too.

“The program has made a huge difference with [the children’s] back to school funding, as it assisted my daughter to continue her education that I would not have otherwise been able to afford,” says Jodie.

“My daughter was not made to feel different from her peers and school remained enjoyable.”

“Uniting was the light in my darkest hours of need. The simplest of everyday things you take for granted, like a hot coffee in the morning, I now appreciate.”

“To have that feeling of hope back in my life is something you cannot put a price tag on, and it’s only returned to me thanks to the help of my amazing support network and team.”

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