Anne’s story


October 30, 2018

Anne had been off work with an injury and used all of her sick leave when she found herself unable to pay her power bill, rent or put food on the table for herself and her son.

The power company sent a disconnection letter, and on top of this, her lease was due to expire with no option for renewal.

When Anne reached out to the Uniting team in Tasmania, she was feeling hungry, cold, tired and stressed.

Uniting were able to make a payment on her power bill and negotiate a payment arrangement with the power company.

The team provided Anne with vouchers for food and transport and, assisted Anne to organise support for her tenancy, financial counselling and stress.

Anne was able to pay her bills, provide food for herself and her son, find new accommodation, manage her ongoing living costs, and focus on the health and well-being of herself and her son.

She was then able to return to work.

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