Help make a difference in your community.

Food For Families is a great way to get together to make a tangible difference to the lives of individuals and families experiencing hardship and crisis throughout the year.

Food For Families

We need your workplace's help to support people when they need it most.

When times get tough, bills stack up and savings can quickly dwindle, food is one of the first things people go without. A lack of food leads to poor health outcomes, making it hard to work towards a brighter future.

Sadly, the increased cost of living has made this a daily reality for many people who are coming to us for support.

As a result, all our emergency relief services are seeing a significant increase in people reaching out to us for help. Many have never needed assistance before.

As the cost of living continues to rise and a growing number of families are struggling to make ends meet, the right help at the right time can make all the difference.

When people reach out to us for food, we are able to talk to them about the issues that have led to their financial insecurity and link them into services such as financial counselling, housing support and family violence services. We want to help every single person that reaches out to us, but we can’t do it alone.

Whether it’s holding a food themed event where everyone brings in a donation, placing Food For Families branded boxes around your office and encouraging your teams to bring in donations, holding a fundraising event or making a donation so we can buy the most needed items to stock our pantry on your behalf, we invite you to get involved today and help us help those facing hardship in our communities.

Together, we can offer hope to those who need it most.

Ways to get involved

Over the past four years Access Group Solutions (AGS) has donated close to 1,500 kgs of food to Uniting’s Food For Families program. Being so closely connected to their local communities, giving back has always been important to AGS.

“The program is a fantastic way to engage our people in team building exercises without them even being aware of it,” - Rebecca, Access Group Solutions

For many, Christmas time is deemed the “season of giving.” For the Academic and Medical Services team at Epworth HealthCare, the theme of giving is present year-round. Generous supporters of Food For Families, the team collects food and toiletries across its five Melbourne sites throughout the year. “Our staff really …

Food For Families has been running for over 30 years

The program brings local communities together to donate non-perishable food and household essential items through collections by schools, kindergartens, congregations, workplaces, community groups, individuals and families.

The food, gifts and household essentials are distributed at our emergency relief, family services and outreach centres across Victoria and Tasmania. Families can select food from our food pantry when times get tough and bills stack up. We also provide food that’s easy to prepare for people experiencing homelessness.

How it works

Register online today and we will send you out some Food For Families branded A4 sized stickers to use on your own boxes or bags. For larger collections, we are able to provide Food For Families branded boxes for you to use.

You will be sent some information and links to download resources including posters, suggested shopping lists and social media tiles to help promote your food drive.

Place Food For Families collection boxes around your building for people to place their donations in.

If some of your team have items to donate but find this challenging due to catching public transport to work, an alternative option to bringing donations in to the office is for them to collect individually and take these to their nearest drop off point.

If any of your team would like to make a donation to directly support vulnerable people needing access to food, they can do that through our donations page or by calling Supporter Services on 1800 668 426. Their donations will be used to purchase the most needed food items for our pantries and each individual making a donation will receive a tax deductible receipt.

We can even run a report on your team donations and provide you with the total amount donated to help measure your teams impact or in case you wish to make a donation to dollar match their contributions as long as they all use their work email when donating online.

Once your collection is complete, you simply take the boxes directly to your local drop off point so we can start distributing the goods to people in need through our pantries.

For larger collections you can either email or give us a call on 1800 668 426 or email [email protected] and we will arrange someone to come past and collect your boxes.


Over the past four years Access Group Solutions (AGS) has donated close to 1,500 kgs of food to Uniting’s Food For Families …
For the church, donating to Food For Families is a practical way of providing support to those experiencing crisis.

Food for friends.

For most of the past 25 years, the 13 congregations have generously collected food to support their local community. ‘Food For Friends’ …
For 17 years, Murrumbeena Primary School has been helping those in need put food on the table. Each year the school donates …
When Louise introduced the Food For Families program to her students at Buninyong Uniting Kindergarten, she never knew how widely popular it …
One Christmas, Mary began collecting food because she realised that despite it being the time of year for giving, many people would …
Every year the family look on Uniting’s Food For Families website, write a shopping list and do a big grocery shop. Tami …
In 2019, 73 tonnes of food and toiletries were pledged for individuals and families thanks to thousands of generous supporters like Michelle. …