An easy way to give back


November 6, 2019

Eileen knows the importance of providing support to people in their time of need.

“There are a growing number of people in the community who don’t have the resources to put food on the table, especially at Christmas,” social worker, Eileen said.

“Donating food is a practical way to help people going through a tough time.”

Eileen has been supporting Food For Families for six years.

Each year her collection grows thanks to donations from family, friends, local schools and sporting organisations, and work colleagues.

Eileen volunteers to drop off boxes and collect them once they are filled, to make participating as easy as possible for people.

This is all while being the sole parent to three children, holding down two part-time jobs and caring for her mother.

“Everyone wants to do something to give back at Christmas, but it’s such a busy time,” Eileen said.

“Food For Families is an easy way people can help others in need. I say to people, just do your normal shopping and get a few extra items to donate.”

“One or two bags can make a big difference.”

“It’s an opportunity to give back at a time of giving.”

Eileen enlists the help of her children to sort, pack and deliver food to Uniting’s Ringwood Emergency Relief Centre.

“I want to teach my children that Christmas can be very materialistic, but it should be about giving back to your community,” she said.

“Participating in Food For Families has given my children a greater understanding of the struggles some people face in life.”

“I like knowing that the goods I donate will support people in my local community,” she added.

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